FUND-A-MENTAL VILLAGE CORP. offers a range of professional real estate development services in and around the nation’s capital. Whether constructing “tiny” home communities or rehabbing abandoned properties, we assure that our projects will be constructed with both the environment and the community in mind. Our sustainable, affordable and green building housing initiatives are our way of staying fully vested in the needs of the community that we serve.


FUND-A-MENTAL VILLAGE CORP. is also committed to empowering the community with services that educate and train members of the general public to become knowledgeable about standard home-ownership and apprenticeship opportunities.

The FUND-A-MENTAL VILLAGE CORP. also provides multi-family & residential property management services for both private rentals and governmental program participants.

We offer consulting and contract management services to non-profits, for profit organizations and small businesses alike. Our services can be customized for your project, event, and or program.

We are committed to build, design, or construct sustainable & affordable environmentally conscious neighborhoods and homes. We also train, educate, and invest in our employees and the community. We’re not in this just for profit; we are in this to impact and change lives. Join us!

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FUND-A-MENTAL VILLAGE CORP. is vested in the creation of sustainable housing that is affordable throughout the D.M.V. It is through education, strategically aligned business partnerships, and the reconstruction, design & ownership of real estate projects, to include leaseholds and public use facilities, in which FUND-A-MENTAL VILLAGE CORP. intends to create profit producing endeavors that will support our overall mission and solidify our stakeholder relationships and commitments to community.

As our investment partner you will not only enjoy the benefit of positively impacting society on matters involving public health & well being concerns, but also gain satisfaction in receiving your yearly benefit report detailing profits made and the overall public benefit achieved.

At FUND-A-MENTAL VILLAGE CORP., we respect your right to decide which environmentally sustainable community projects that you would like to fund. As our investor partner you will also be given an opportunity to place yours or your company’s namesake at a designated spacing within the community that you are funding, at the supervision of a FUND-A-MENTAL VILLAGE CORP. Senior representative. (more details to be provided upon sign-up.)

Your Funding Community Dollars At Work

*All projected community project funds must accrue a minimum of $100,000 prior to the release of any funds for construction, design, or building purposes.

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